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Are all those ride-hailing apps creating more traffic headaches?

With an estimated 30,000 Uber drivers now roaming the streets of the D.C. region, WAMU’s Martin Di Caro wonders whether this is creating more or less clogged traffic. Cal-Berkeley’s Susan Shaheen says it’s complicated. “Our research suggests that it is taking, on net, cars off the road.” Some users wound up using cars more, she… Read more »

What if bike paths looked like subway maps?

With the intention of mass adoption of bike commuting, these might be the best bike maps ever. Side benefit: the idea germinated at Mobility Lab’s Transportation Techies. CityLab readers: Sometimes you scare us. Not only are you intimidatingly smart, many of you are professional experts in the topics we try to cover. Others are self-taught… Read more »

Metro pulls some of its real-time app data, citing security concerns

The news: Three weeks after launching a real-time data feed and satisfying a commitment to app developers, Metro has pulled some of the data, citing security concerns. The DC MetroHero app’s take: Metro no longer publishes the location of non-passenger trains, a change made for “operational and security reasons,” but that snarls train-arrival data for developers, who say they… Read more »

Silver Spring Boasts ‘Sorriest Bus Stop in America’

The news: A Silver Spring bus stop has been voted the “Sorriest bus stop in America,” an honor that has prompted Montgomery County to explore possible improvements. Quote of the day:  “For a while we are still going to have plenty of bus stops that suffer from under investment.” Read the source article at The Washington… Read more »

If Metrobus asked me to redesign its info brochures, I’d make them look like this

by Todd Fisk I’ve lived in DC and used Metrobus here for 14 years. I’m also a designer, and I have a few ideas about how to make the bus timetable brochures clearer for people using them to understand the system. Metrobus brochures could included a map like this to give riders a sense of… Read more »

Less than perfect

Last week, sadly, two tragic deaths represented unfortunate, but predictable firsts in transportation. They are also reminders that despite the very real potential benefits of new technology, operating large metal objects at high speeds is an inherently dangerous activity, and public safety is best served by reducing people’s exposure to the risk—which means designing urban… Read more »

Google’s robot cars recognize cyclists’ hand signals — better than most cyclists

Biking alongside manually driven cars can be a nightmare for both the biker and the driver. Bikers can be fast. They weave in and out of traffic and sometimes human drivers toe the line when deciding how much space to give them — and sometimes they don’t. But now, thanks to Google’s many in-house bikers,… Read more »