Mobility Lab nurtures innovations that help people find healthy, efficient, and sustainable transportation options. Here are some of the applications that we have helped develop.


Car Free Near Me

Car-Free Near Me

A mapping program currently in beta by Arlington County Commuter Services.

It allows anyone to insert an address anywhere in the Washington D.C. region to view their travel options, see real-time arrivals, and check for service advisories with various transit agencies.

Metro Places

Metro Places

Metro Places is a tool that helps find goods and services within a critical distance of any given Metro station.

CaBi Range

The map shows all the stations you can bike to in 30 minutes or less.

Screenshot: Transit Near Me

Transit Near Me

Discover bus and rail lines near your home or office

Screenshot: Side-by-Side Router

Side-by-Side Router

Compare routes for driving, walking, biking, and transit

 Screenshot: Capital Bikeshare “Suggest a Station” Crowdsourcing Map

Capital Bikeshare “Suggest a Station” Crowdsourcing Map

Enable the public to build a network of preferred station locations

 Screenshot: Real-Time Transit Screens

Real-Time Transit Screens

Monitor status of custom-selected stations for rail, bus, and bikeshare

 Screenshot: Trip Visualizer

Trip Visualizer

Tool for studying trip-history data for bikeshare systems and Metro

 Screenshot: Stat Mapper

Stat Mapper

Display heat maps for bike accidents and bike counts

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