What if bike paths looked like subway maps?

With the intention of mass adoption of bike commuting, these might be the best bike maps ever. Side benefit: the idea germinated at Mobility Lab’s Transportation Techies.

CityLab readers: Sometimes you scare us.

Not only are you intimidatingly smart, many of you are professional experts in the topics we try to cover. Others are self-taught aficionados in urban planning or cartography—in other words, obsessive city-stuff superfans.

Michael Graham’s Spider Bike Maps feature maps for bike infrastructure as if the lanes, trails, and paths constituted a connected transit system.

“Most urban bike maps are extremely detailed,” Graham says. “I love them, but I’m afraid the average person might find those maps overwhelming and inaccessible.”

So Graham attended a Transportation Techies workshop in Arlington, Virginia, hosted by Mobility Lab, taught himself to use Adobe Illustrator, and tasked himself with applying these concepts to bike maps for four cities: London, San Francisco, his hometown of Denver, and Washington, D.C.

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