Presentations from Vanpool Bootcamp!

All the presentations from Vanpool Bootcamp are now available online here.  The event provided a wide variety of experts and practitioners discussing vanpooling as an important mobility management resource. The following is a wrap up of the day including all of the powerpoint presentations.

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9:00 Registration and Breakfast

10:00 Program Starts


  • „„Cheryl O’Connor – Arlington Transportation Partners
  • „„Tom Fairchild – Director, Mobility Lab
  • „„Mirza Donegan – ACT Chesapeake Chapter President

Existing Vanpool Universe in the DC Metro Region

  • „„Holly Morello – Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission

Research – What’s going on in the world of vanpool research?

Best practices around the country and MWCOG Vanpool Survey?

  • Lori Diggins – LDA Consulting
  • „„Shana Johnson – Foursquare

Formulation (short individual presentations with a panel style discussion afterwards)

General overview of how/when/where vanpools are formed

  • Holly Morello – PRTC
  • „„Dotty Dalphon – TransIT Services of Frederick County

Large vanpool companies vs. small owner/operator companies


  • Rico Fleshman – VPSI
  • „„Yvonne Jackson – YEJ Enterprises

Parking issues – garages and street-side

  • „„Rich Dampman and Gretchen Kim – Enterprise Holdings

Database/website existing database and future possibilities

  • „„Stephen Finafrock – Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

Employer/destination based vs. residential/origination based

  • „„Employer/Destination – Mirza Donegan – North Bethesda Transportation
  • „„Residential/Origination – Diana Utz – GW RideConnect

Discussion time moving into lunch

1:00 Lunch

  • „„Dr. Ed Zolnik – Professor, Public Policy at GMU

2:00 – 4:00 (flexible time)

BRAC situation

  • „„Peggy Tedaj – VA BRAC
  • „„Jean Friedberg – MD BRAC

“State of the Vehicle” (Outside excursion to vehicles)

  • „„Rich Dampman & Gretchen Kim – Enterprise
  • „„Rico Fleshman – VPSI


Overview of fleet insurance; Advantage and Lancer

  • „„Diana Utz – GW RideConnect


  • „„Lora Byala – Foursquare


  • „„Jason Conley – Avego Inc.

Marketing & Future – discussion and next step formulation session

  • Region-wide partnerships
  • How do you get people in a vanpool?
  • Market forces – gas prices, new challenges, environment

3:40 Next steps

4:00 Dismiss

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