2005 Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) Fiscal Year Annual Report

This report outlines ACCS’s FY2005 programs and accomplishments. Details are provided on programs designed to increase awareness and use of alternative forms of transportation in Arlington County through its various divisions:  Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Retail, Internet, and Transit Demand Management Planning/Administration. The Sales Division employs Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), which is responsible for employer, residential, and visitor services.


The information in this document outlines key FY2005 accomplishments including,


  • The ATP employer services program grew from 484 companies in FY04 to 566 companies in FY05.
  • Since FY98, the number of employees of ATP private employer clients has grown from 22,447 to 127,249 in FY05.
  • As of 2005, 52% of ATP’s private employer clients offered a transit benefit, thus making 67% of their total employees eligible a transit benefit.
  • 44% of employees in Arlington County were eligible in 2005 to receive a transit benefit.
  • The ATP residential services program grew from 140 residential communities within the network in FY04 to 203 properties in FY05.


  • New sales records have been set for the sixth straight year, with FY05 sales of $12,131,868 in tickets, tokens, and passes sold by The Commuter Store® outlets and CommuterDirect.com.  This represents a 16% increase in sales over FY04 – CommuterDirect.com led the retail group in sales for the second year in a row; The Mobile Commuter Store® increased its sales 270% from the previous year from a base of $138,324 to $372,757; Sales from The Commuter Store® at Crystal City totaled $4,207,556, more than any other store branch.


  • Annual brochure distribution was increased from 227,000 in FY04 to 420,000 in FY05.
  • Average turnaround time for customer brochure orders was reduced from 8 to 5 days.
  • There was 100% completion of inserts of schedules and maps in sign holders at Arlington County bus stops.
  • A safe working plan to maintain bus stops on busy county roads was developed.


  • CommuterPage.com experienced 1.5 million “Visitor Sessions” on the site in FY05, representing a 25% increase from FY04.  Most popular pages on the sites included: Commuter Rail, Arlington Transit, Metro, Palm Pilot-downloadable schedules for Metrobus, Commuter Stores, Local and Commuter Buses, Bicycling, Arlington’s Urban Villages, Handheld, Carsharing, Carpooling, Metro Connections, and Metro Schedules.
  • CommuterPage.com Mobile Services experienced 9,000 visitor sessions per month, representing a 10% increase from FY04.
  • WALKArlington.com experienced 62,357 visitor sessions during FY05, nearly a 50% increase from FY04.

TDM Planning and Administration:

  • Jeff Price was named Program Manager of Arlington’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program for Site Plan Development, a new position in Arlington’s Department of Environmental Services, Division of Transportation, Planning Bureau.
  • Voluntary TDM agreements were successfully negotiated and incorporated into the site plan conditions for the following approved developments in FY05: Rosslyn Ridge; Virginia Square Park Condominiums; The Views of Clarendon; Alexan at South Glebe; Abingdon Heights; Zoso Condominium, Proffer Amendment; and Washington-Lee High School.
  • The following locations completed development in FY05 according to TDM site plan requirements: Arlington Gateway office, Lofts 590 at Crystal Towers, Sierra Condominiums, The Clarendon—Highrise, Liberty Center Office, Crystal City Retail, Ballston Point, The Metropolitan at Pentagon Row.
  • “Arlington Pilot Carshare Program—First Year Report” case study was provided documenting ACCS’ new carsharing program.


Full Report (PDF):  2005 ACCS Fiscal Annual REPORT

Technical Summary (PDF):  Summary – 2005 ACCS Fiscal Annual REPORT

Mid-Year Report (PDF):  ACCS 05 Mid Year Snapshot


Contact the ACCS Research Team for more information.


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